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Via TJ’s Double Play  From last year’s Cardozo Law Revue, a parody placing Beavis and Butthead in the mix of the Palsgraf case. 

Karl Rove Interview - On Harvard Time 

Wow. As an Eli I’m a little predisposed against Cantabs. But this particular Cantab has to have his pants specially made to contain his ENORMOUS BALLS. Here, Cantab Derek Flanzraich, a senior at Harvard, interviews Karl Rove for the web show “On Harvard Time.”  Among the highlights, calling Karl a “turd blossom,” making Karl recount the time in 3rd grade a girl beat him up, and laughingly opening the piece with forcefully dawning Rove with a “happy GayPril” lei. Watch Rove close the piece by creeply threatening to send Flanzraich to Gitmo. 

I don’t wanna take my time going to work: I gotta motorcycle and a sleeping bag and ten or fifteen girls. What the hell I wanna go off and go to work for?

Charles Manson

(Expressing My Second Thoughts About Firm Life)

A chart of the trends in the US News ranking for the top 25 law schools over the past decade (to 2006). (via Concurring Opinions)Man,  what happened at Texas between the years &#8216;97 and &#8216;99? 18-&gt;29-&gt;15! 

A chart of the trends in the US News ranking for the top 25 law schools over the past decade (to 2006). (via Concurring Opinions)

Man,  what happened at Texas between the years ‘97 and ‘99? 18->29->15! 

U.S. News Secret Rankings Memo

A (parody) memo written by U.S. News “law school ranking executive,” describing how the magazine arrived at this year’s official rankings. (via Leiter’s Law School Report, via Concurring Opinions)